Planet Sport: On air in Australia

Australia is one nation that loves its sport and Planet Sportour weekly 15-minute programmeis currently heard on ten radio stations there across the country.

99.9 Live FM broadcasts to Townsville in North Queensland.  They told us why they broadcast Planet Sport:

“The opportunity to hear about the faith of some of the world’s biggest sports stars.  My only criticism is that it’s not long enough.”

91.9 Fresh FM is also in Queensland, based in the town of Gladstone.  This is what they say about Planet Sport:

“We air your programmes because we are confident that the sporting news and interviews are not sensationalised and because they come from a Christian perspective.  That’s what our audience want.”

Further down the east coast in Erina, New South Wales is 94.9 FM Rhema Central Coast.  The aim of the station is to bring the Gospel of Jesus and a message of hope into a hurting community.  Their audience is between 10,000 and 20,000 listeners every month.

They told us why they broadcast Planet Sport every week:

It’s great to be able to give our listeners some insight into the world of professional sport and to hear from believers that operate in that realm.”

The general feedback they receive is that people enjoy hearing sports news from a Christian worldview.

Planet Sport looks at sport around the world and hears from some of the world’s top sportsmen and women.

The programme started in 2005 and since then there have been over 530 episodes. We have covered major sports events such as the Fifa World Cup and Olympic Games and spoken to over a hundred top athletes about their sport and faith as followers of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for sports fans listening to Planet Sport on the ten stations in Australia every week as we seek to introduce them to Jesus.

Will you also consider making a gift to maintain the ministry so that sports fans can continue to hear sportsmen and women talking about their faith in the living, risen Lord Jesus Christ on Planet Sport every week?  Thank you.