Destination Rio Update

Great news – we have found suitable accommodation for our media team during the 2016 Rio Olympics which run from 5th – 21stAugust. We have been in contact with a pastor of a church near the site of the Olympic Park and he has arranged for us to stay in a property adjoining his church.

The price of accommodation in Rio de Janeiro is very high during the Olympics so we are grateful for this provision at a very reasonable cost. The church has an ongoing ministry to those affected by crime and family breakdown in the city and it is good to be partnering with them in reaching sports fans with the gospel during the games.

The accommodation is empty at the moment and needs to be equipped with furniture and a good Internet connection. We are hoping that a member of the church will be willing to act as an interpreter for us during our stay which will also give us valuable local knowledge of the city.

Most of our team were in Rio de Janeiro for the FIFA World Cup™ in 2014 so we know the layout of the city and the transport networks. Our aim is to record good quality interviews with Olympic athletes and to report on the many Christian activities that will take place during the Games.  Although English is spoken widely across Rio, Norman Brierley speaks Portuguese and this will be a great help.

Our two weekly programmes Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa have a growing following on social media such as Facebook and Twitter and Social Media Manager Tom Ellis will be actively working to increase this by posting regular updates and blog posts. Producer Pedro Arias, originally from Colombia, will be producing reports in Spanish for radio audiences in Europe and Central and South America.

You can follow all our activities from our websites and social media. Please pray that we will finalise the practical arrangements soon and that we will be successful in raising the finances needed to fund this project. If you think this is something you’d like to support click the link below for more information.

Thank you.