Sri Lanka Cricketer, Niroshan Dickwella: "I'm not ashamed, I will talk about God to anyone"


Read all about the life of Sri Lanka Wicket-keeper Niroshan Dickwella, hear about what it’s like to be a Christian in Sri Lanka, and his pride at representing his country:

How special is it to play Cricket for Sri Lanka?

“There are 22 million people living in Sri Lanka and only 11 can go out and play in a single match, so I’m really glad and proud that I am one of them at the moment, when you wake up in the morning you feel proud of yourself, every time. It’s a great opportunity to make your country proud.”

Growing up who was your sporting role model?

“Kumar Sangakkara was my role model because he was a wicket-keeper, he was left-handed and went to my school as well, he’s from Kandy. That made me follow him and I had number 11, his jersey number when I was playing for the Sri Lanka Under 19’s. Eventually I had to change my number because I played with him!”

What’s the best thing about being a professional Cricketer?

“There are so many things, my career has helped me to take care of my family, my sister, my friends and the popularity that I have now is all because of Cricket. I got Cricket because of my God, God gave it to me.”

Tell us about the tattoo on your arm, which says Philippians 4:13. . .

“I got this tattoo a few years ago and I see it every time that I go out to bat. No one would believe me, but I say a small prayer to Jesus before I face every single ball when I bat. When I feel uncomfortable out in the middle, I just look at this verse and I then feel confident, I feel like I have Jesus next to me.”

Why do you believe in Jesus?

“My father was a Buddhist but my mother a Christian, so I was baptised when I was small. I went to Church and learnt about Jesus at Sunday school. As Christians know, when you get baptised, my parents pledged to help me and then I will take over from my parents. Since then Jesus has helped me throughout my career.”

Is it difficult, being a Christian in Sri Lanka?

“There is a bit of criticism going on in Sri Lanka at the moment but I don’t care about criticism because I always believe in my God. I want to show non-believers what I can do through God, I want to praise him in the middle and show everyone that I am His child.”

In your Sri Lanka dressing room there are Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, do you get the chance to share your faith with others and are they interested?

“We are used to arguing about some Bible parts and verses, sometimes we used to say, this is what it means, we’ve had a few chats about that. Sometimes when we hang out, or go for a coffee we talk about God, but in this country a Christian wouldn’t really like to open up and say that Jesus is my God, because it is a Buddhist country. There’s nothing bad about that, but I’m not ashamed, I will talk about God to anyone. If I have a chance to explain what I have gone through and what I have become, through Christ, I would love to.”

Do you manage to get to Church, with your busy cricket schedule?

“We go to Church and if we are in another country, if we get a chance we will go, even alone, I don’t mind. I ask others to come before a match. If I get a chance to take anyone to Church or teach them anything about Christianity, I will do.”

What advice do you have for young aspiring cricketers in Sri Lanka?

“If you’re training do it properly and if you are studying, study hard. You will get what you want if you give it 100% with both your ability and your faith.”

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You said on Twitter, ‘everything comes at the right time, be patient, trust the process. God is always on time.’ Why is that something that you believe in and hold on to as a Rugby player?

“That tweet that I made was basically a summary of what I had wanted to do in the last two years. I’ve told you that it’s been a frustrating time for me, for various reasons. I just feel that sometimes we try to control things that are outside of our control. Everything will happen at the right time, I might be frustrated now that I’m not in the Springbok squad, but everything is going to happen in God’s time and when he feels that I am ready for it. Maybe it was part of God’s plan, that he’s going to use these two years, which I might see as frustrating, to try and shape my heart, to build character within me. So that I can become the person that I’m set out to be.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“As far as Rugby is concerned, I would like to cement myself in the Springbok line up by then. Obviously, that’s not only in my control. There are a lot of outside factors which could have an influence on that, but that is one of my goals and what I’m walking towards. On a personal note, one of my daily goals is just to keep growing in my personal faith. I’d like to spend more and more time with God every single day, get to know him in every situation of my life. Not just praise him when everything is going well but to keep the faith when things are tough Hopefully in five years time I will be married and have my first kid.”

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Alyssa Conley was crowned the National Sprint Champion in South Africa

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"I just sat there and prayed, Lord is this the end of my career?"

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Reporter Tom Ellis (L) speaking with Kyron McMaster during the Commonwealth Games in Australia

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"I think every person has the power to achieve, if they believe"

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Credit: British Athletics/Getty

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"We have to find more ways to bring spectators into the sport"

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"It's not about being big, it's about being as powerful as possible but as nimble as possible as well"

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"Whenever we see things that are not right in society, we ought to stand up and question them"

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"I read scriptures in the Bible, so that I know God is going to be with me in that ring" 🥊

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Field Reporter Tom Ellis (L) speaking to Joshua Buatsi (R) in Rio, Brazil 2016

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What's coming up in 2019?

The Cricket World Cup kicks off in England & Wales, on 30th May

The Cricket World Cup kicks off in England & Wales, on 30th May

As we enter the New Year it’s time to look ahead at what sporting events 2019 has in store, and how Passion For Sport will be getting in on the action!

Cricket World Cup (30 May-14 July)

At a time when English cricket is at the peak of it’s ODI powers, the world is coming for the 2019 World Cup in England & Wales. PFS will be keeping an eye on proceedings and related cricket content may feature on our Planet Sport programme.

Africa Cup of Nations (07-30 June)

Undoubtedly the biggest footballing competition across the continent, AFCON always provides football fans with much entertainment, surprise packages and world class performers. This time around, it is still to be confirmed which country will be hosting the tournament, after the recent news that Cameroon were stripped of the rights. Egypt or South Africa seem to be the final replacement options (announcement coming 9th Jan). We aim to be at AFCON 2019, where we will be reporting for our Football Africa programme, to keep fans of African football up to date and to get their views on developing stories.

Rugby World Cup (20 Sep-02 Nov)

2019 is the year that just keeps on giving. As we hit Autumn, we will be sending a small team out to Japan for the RWC, where we will be delivering daily shows for our Rugby Podcast. Our time in Tokyo will be spent interviewing players, reporting on developing stories, plus bringing you insights into the local culture and initiatives that are running alongside the tournament.

Our in-house Productions

Alongside these flagship events, we will of course continue to bring you weekly sport content across our three productions, Planet Sport, Planet Sport Football Africa and the Planet Sport Rugby Podcast.

Do come on the journey with us, 2019 promises to be a memorable year of elite sport!

"It's been a wonderful year of great sporting success across the board"

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"We were turning up to training without balls and training gear a lot of the time"

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Marcus Jones, Head of News at Premier Christian Radio visits the PFS HQ!

Adrian Barnard - Content Manager (L),  Marcus Jones - Head of News (C),  Liam Flint - Digital Media Manager (R)

Adrian Barnard- Content Manager (L), Marcus Jones- Head of News (C), Liam Flint- Digital Media Manager (R)

We were delighted to welcome Marcus Jones down to our Cornwall office this week, with the aim of exploring possible synergy between the work that Premier Christian do, through their radio, magazine and digital media, and what we do here!

As Head of News, it was great to hear from Marcus the latest developments in Premier and see how, we at Passion For Sport, are journeying through the same media landscape, as more people turn to consuming their sport and information digitally!

We were really encouraged by the opportunities that our programmes have to share and contribute to the work that Premier is undertaking, especially with major sporting events just around the corner, in the form of the Rugby World Cup in Japan and the 2020 Olympics.

With a mutual desire to reach people for the gospel, these are exciting times. Watch this space!

"What kept me steady was knowing that God had created me to be there"


American track athlete, Madeline Manning-Mims made history in clinching Gold at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City. As a black athlete, her journey of challenging racial prejudice has left a long-lasting impact even today! She later went on to become a 4-time Olympian, a coach, a gospel singer and a chaplain.

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"I'm not really sure what makes a champion, a lot of dedication and hope I guess?"

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Christabel Nettey (Canada) showing off her Gold medal on the Gold Coast!

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Announcing our CAMEROON NIGHT: African-food buffet & Sports Quiz

Cameroon are hosting the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations and we will be there!

Cameroon are hosting the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations and we will be there!

To mark us going out to the Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon in 2019, we are putting on a fund-raiser with an African-themed food buffet and a Sports Quiz!

Please see the graphic below for further details and how to book your tickets! We really hope that you can join us and get behind our project!


We hope you can join us!

Ezinne Okparaebo: 3-time Olympian and Norwegian 100m record holder!


Being the national record holder for any sporting event is highly impressive, but Ezinne Okparaebo has taken the 100m title for multiple years in a row, making her the undisputed, fastest woman in Norway!

Nigeria-born Ezinne, has turned out at 3 Olympic Games, Beijing, London and Rio, and still has hopes of making it 4 when Tokyo 2020 comes around.

We spoke to Ezinne about her love for the track, how she made a life herself in Scandinavia and importantly how her faith in Jesus has impacted on her career.

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