Passion for Sport is sending a team of 5 media professional to Rio de Janeiro in August 2016 for the duration of the summer sporting events.

They will be recording audio and video sports news, reports and interviews for our two weekly radio programmes, Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa, which are designed to introduce sports fans to Jesus.

They will also be recording non-dated items relating to sport and faith for future radio programmes. For example: how Christians in Rio are using sport to bring hope and transformation to people caught up in human trafficking, drugs and crime.

In addition, regular reports, news, interviews and information will be posted on our websites and social media. 

Meet our team:

Norman Brierley

Norman Brierley will be leading the Passion for Sport team in Rio during the Olympic Games.



Pedro Arias (left) will be producing Spanish language material for our Spanish radio station partners.



Tom Ellis (left) will be producing English language material for our Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa programmes as well as maintaining our online social media content.



Andy Bloss (left) is another of our English language producers who will be working with Tom Ellis to gather material from around Rio during the Olympics.


Peter Ellis is our IT Manager and will be responsible for the technical aspects of the project.