In August 2016, Passion for Sport will be sending a team of 5 media professionals to Rio de Janeiro for the summer sports event. Their aim will be to produce content for radio, websites and social media to introduce sports fans to Jesus.

Passion for Sport is the world’s only Christian sports media agency producing content with clear Christian objectives. We produce content that is relevant to sports fans, sharing with them a love of sport and actively looking to introduce Jesus.

But we need your help.

It will cost £20,000 for the team, which includes travel and accommodation, to be in Rio for 25 days serving many thousands of sports fans through media from this major sporting event

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The team will record audio and video sports news, reports and interviews for our two weekly radio programmes, Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa.

We will also be recording non-dated items relating to sport and faith for future radio programmes. For example: how Christians in Rio are using sport to bring hope and transformation to people caught up in human trafficking, drugs and crime.

In addition, regular reports, news, interviews and information will be posted on our websites and social media.

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By making a donation today, you can help us reach thousands of sports fans and introduce them to Jesus.

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