Social Media – Extending our Reach

Social media allows us to engage with people who we might not otherwise have the ability or opportunity to. It lends itself to sharing and interaction, which is ultimately a huge part of what Passion for Sport is about. Our purpose is using media to share the good news of Jesus with sports fans around the world, so social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide us with new and more opportunities to do this.

We currently have over 2,000 fans of Planet Sport Football Africa on Facebook, and this number grows every day. Every week, we’re able to reach football fans across Africa with our radio programme and facilitate discussions via our topical posts.

When ‘Instagramming’ from sporting events, other users are able to find our posts via event hashtags – we’re especially looking forward to exercising this in Rio de Janeiro in August, as we aim to reach those following the summer sporting action out there!

On Twitter, we’ve had the opportunity to engage with, and encourage, sports fans as well as top Christian athletes such as Trayvon Bromell, Michelle Carter, Christian Taylor and Wayde van Niekirk. It’s also provided an opportunity for us to cheer on and even collaborate with other sports ministries in the UK and beyond.

Here are some examples of interactions we’ve had on Twitter recently…

Please do get in touch and join the conversation!