Golden Aussies: Talking all things Basketball with George & Seekamp

Nicole Seekamp (L) & Cayla George (R)

Nicole Seekamp (L) & Cayla George (R)

The Australian women's basketball team, The Opals, took the Commonwealth Games by storm on Gold Coast and cruised through to win outright Gold. Planet Sport caught up with two of their key players, Connecticut Suns' Cayla George & Adelaide Lightning's Nicole Seekamp to talk about their international success, what the secret is and how much it means to compete on home soil:

"Its definitely special and exciting to play on the beautiful Gold Coast. To have an event like this in Australia is a once in a lifetime opportunity."

Listen to the full Planet Sport interview below:

Aussies and the Games: How much does it mean?

Nicole Seekamp (L) and Cayla George (R)- Australia Basketball

Nicole Seekamp (L) and Cayla George (R)- Australia Basketball

By Liam Flint

Being on the Gold Coast, we wanted to grab some home-athlete perspective and so caught up with Cayla George and Nicole Seekamp from the Women's Basketball team, who are romping through the tournament so far and favourites to win Gold! 

I asked them how much the home support and opportunity to play in the Aussie backyard was a factor in how well they were doing:


"It's definitely special, it helped us get motivated and we've had some pretty decent wins. It certainly helps having a great crowd. We aim to go out there and jut play and it seems to work out for us, we've got a really good team and a lot of depth."

When asked about what motivates them and where their success comes from, they were both quick to point to their personal faith in Jesus:

Cayla: "I'm not here without God, first and foremost, he has blessed me with the talent and he's blessed me with this platform. So why not use it to shine his light?"

Nicole: "At the end of the day I believe that God has got a plan for all of us and he's leading me down a path."

Both players will be eager to secure Gold for their country and, so far, the stats suggest that they are favourites to do just that!

Stay tuned to upcoming episodes of Planet Sport for full coverage of our interview with George & Seekamp!