Emmanuel Mayuka: Premier League pro and AFCON winner

What's it like to play in the English Premier League? We'd better ask someone who's been there. . .enter Emmanuel Mayuka!

We caught up with Emmanuel Mayuka, a Zambian football icon. You can currently find him in Egypt playing for heavy weights Zamalek, but before his relocation, Emmanuel spent some time with Southampton in the English Premier League. It's often tipped as the 'best league in the world', so we thought we'd ask him about his experience:

“It was a great experience for me, I thank God for everything and I am still looking forward to coming back again. When I came over it was a dream come true for me, I want more of it but at the moment I am here in Egypt. I will have to see how everything in the future works out. I would like to come back to the Premier League, it’s just a matter of how you apply yourself, it depends on how hard I work and when you believe in God anything is possible.”


Mayuka, 26, is full of confidence, a good trait for a striker, and was adamant that he would return to the top leagues in the world. As well as boasting Premier League on his CV, the finisher has also achieved glory at international level with Zambia, he spoke about winning the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations:

"That was the most outstanding moment for me, it feels like it was only yesterday. It was so amazing and I enjoyed every bit of it, when I think about it now it gives me goose bumps. But I am still looking forward for more glory with the national team, I am not old yet!”

He stated that he's not finished with the Premier League or the national team, despite notching over 50 caps for them, the key behind his confidence was clear:

“Nothing is impossible if you believe in it, put all of your eggs in one basket, pray and believe that you will achieve it. You have to believe in yourself and know what you want in life and go for it. I believe that everywhere I go is where God wants me to go."

For Emmanuel Mayuka, prayer + belief = success