Ghana's Mensah: MLS is 'second home'

Finding a club to call 'home' can be tricky for the modern footballer, sometimes even impossible. In this modern culture players are nomadic, they travel where the money leads and the opportunities open up. Gone are the days of playing for one club all of your life!

Jonathan Mensah has taken this journey. The Ghanaian international has played in several leagues around the world, since securing his dream move away from his homeland. He's played in Russia, France, Spain, Italy and now the USA. However, when we caught up with the man himself, he was feeling somewhat comfortable in Major League Soccer:

“It’s like my second home now, it’s been a great experience for me and since I have come here the guys have been awesome. I have my Ghanaian brothers around me, Harrison Afful and Mohammed Abu and I hope it continues like this. Wherever the place might be, on and off the field we have good times. We have about five Africans on the team and it’s great.”

The powerful defender is no stranger to success, he has taken part in two World Cups with the Black Stars and played against some of the best players in the world. Asked about his national team highlights the 27-year-old shot straight to the World Cup:

"The first time that I went, was just amazing. Being part of the starting line-up was even greater, going out there and doing what I love in front of thousands of people, representing my country, it was an honour.”

Despite having played in iconic leagues like La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and now the MLS, Jonathan doesn't see football as the ultimate, he's got a bigger passion in his life:

“I am for Christ first, before I am a footballer. Now that I am a footballer I still need to do what I did before, which was believing in Christ, doing what he wants me to do and doing his will. I cannot do anything without him because he has made me who I am now, he knew what I was going to be before I was even born.”

So that would explain why you are so hot on social media Jonathan?

"I don’t want people to say that Jonathan Mensah is always writing about Christ but then not actually doing what Christ insists of him. I just write it because no matter if I win, I lose or I draw I do it for his glory. I go out there to represent Christ, before my team, my family, myself. I live for him.”

Food for thought – Who do YOU play for, out on the pitch?