Meet the fastest man in world Rugby!

We love a good story and this man certainly has it! Carlin Isles is an American international 7s Rugby player and he’s been clocked at the fastest player on the planet. It won’t be a surprise to here that he has a background in athletics and even aims to make the 100m US team at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics! His sporting achievements already boast Olympian and he’s played in the Rugby World Cup Sevens.

Carlin is from humble beginnings, growing up in care, he is very much a self-made athlete and his motivation to be the best, to make the most of his ‘masterpiece’ is truly inspiring!

We got Carlin on as a guest on the Rugby Podcast to talk about his love for the game, how he intends to make America fall in love with the sport and importantly how he owes all of his sporting success to his faith in Jesus.

Listen to the Planet Sport Rugby Podcast below: