Planet Sport Football Africa appeal

My name is Gabriel Ajala and I am a new trustee of Passion for Sport. Born and raised in London to Nigerian parents, I truly believe in what the team is doing in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ via the means of sport and media. And I am so thankful those who faithfully remember the ministry in prayer and with financial support.

I am an avid follower of sports, especially football. I played for England School boys at Under 15 & Under 17 level, which gave me a fantastic insight into being a professional football player. We toured Hungary, which taught me many things such as the importance of getting together as a team and the discipline footballers have in order to be the best they can be. In truth, my performances could have been better, but the memories and experience was worthwhile. Training at Lilleshall, which was at the time the centre where footballers came to train and stay before an international game, with top coaches and playing against quality opposition, was an experience I would never forget.

Although I didn't manage to make a career in professional football I transferred my skills to gain further knowledge on the business principles of sport. With a degree in Economics & Law, I then embarked upon a Masters in Sports Management & The Business of Football. The African sports market was a main focus of mine and in searching the internet to find relevant content, I came across Planet Sport Football Africa

Planet Sport Football Africa is a weekly, 30-minute programme for football fans in and from Africa, and is broadcast on over 50 stations in 14 African countries, as well as heard online. 

The show was like a breath of fresh air, a quality production with insightful content on unique topics, which affect the African sports market and culture, such as juju and the strong "religious" links in society.

After a few months of listening to the show, I applied for a vacancy as a trustee for Passion for Sport and was welcomed to the team a month later. 

Passion for Sport is unique in that it focuses on aspects of sport, both on and off the field, and always seeks to engage with their audience and fans. Sport is such a powerful tool to change an environment and unite people and by using this tool to spread the Good News of Jesus is powerful.

Listen to the latest Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa programmes.

Passion for Sport is entirely dependent on donations from in individuals, churches and trusts. Please, if you are able, make a donation today to support this ministry.

By Gabriel Ajala