Looking forward to Tokyo

It is hard to say with certainty (no one can predict the future), but after spending some time down at the Tokyo 2020 Japan House in Rio we got a flavour of some of the potential vibes of the city.

The one thing I can say for sure – and I know this is not exactly earth shattering stuff – but Tokyo 2020 will be different to the Rio games in every way.

Looking around the exhibition spaces at Japan House it was obvious the kind of atmosphere they are beginning to promote.

Rio has been based around those typical Brazilian characteristics: a sense of fun, passion, excitement and a bit of flying by the seat of your pants as well.

I got the impression Tokyo was already pitching its tent in an entirely different place. High-end technology, renewable energy and always trying to be on the cusp of something new.

In their “brand” booklet, it states: “Tokyo, find Japan’s unchanging traditions. Its unique culture ... pleasant days created by cutting-edge technology. Today Tokyo continues to revolutionise everything.”

Now of course this is marketing jargon but you get a clear sense of the change of direction Tokyo is heading in.

Rio, 'the marvellous city', has been a joy. I am hoping I will be saying a similar thing about Tokyo in four years time.

By Andy Bloss (article) and Tom Ellis (audio)