Running the Race

 I remember clearly my first ever cross country race.  I didn’t finish it. To this day, I’m unsure if it was my asthma or my mind that had got the better of me, but either way, I remember it being incredibly hard work. Following that first race at high school, I went on to compete at a lot more cross country events up and down the country and I made sure I finished every one. They were always tough going and there’d be moments, half-way around every gruelling course, where I’d tell myself, “never again”. The thing is, by the time you’ve finished and experienced the wonderful satisfaction that comes with crossing the line, you soon forget the pain and begin to look forward to the next one.

So here I am, over a decade on, agreeing to run 10k for Passion for Sport at this year’s Vitality British 10K London Run (at least it’s not a marathon, I guess!).

I’ve been part of the staff team at PfS for the past year, working as a Social Media Manager. This involves managing all our social networking profiles and accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. We use these profiles to share content and to engage with listeners and sports fans across the world. We also keep supporters up to date with all that we’re doing, in using media to introduce sports fans to Jesus.

In the summer of 2014, I had the opportunity to travel to Rio de Janeiro with the Passion for Sport team for the Fifa World Cup™. My role was to produce a feature for our daily radio programme and capture some of the atmosphere in the city during the tournament. Alongside the audio content we produced videos, wrote blog articles and facilitated debates on social media.

The team is once again busy preparing to head out to Rio this summer for the Olympic Games. This time, I’ll be responsible for managing content production, including material for our two weekly radio programmes Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa, video content and social media updates. It will be a great opportunity to record interviews with athletes, hear their testimonies,  speak to fans from around the world and explore some of the social issues and Christian projects in the city. These big sporting events bring people together, uniting those of different backgrounds, faiths, races and cultures. It’s a chance for many to share a single passion – a passion for sport. We also see it as an incredible opportunity to share the good news of Jesus.

We’d love it if you’d consider supporting us in this adventure. One way could be to join our team running the Vitality British 10K London Run on July 10 this year!  Three runners have signed up already and we have another three places available.  It may be tough, but we want to run this race together and raise money for Passion for Sport. So why not test your perseverance and endurance and come and join us?

Click here for information about running for Passion for Sport at the Vitality British 10K London Run on July 10.