Behind the scenes – systems that keep us going

Like many organisations Passion for Sport relies on an increasing number of software systems to achieve its desired objectives.

This is particularly true because we are a media organisation and our activities are almost completely internet based. From programme production, delivery and distribution to fundraising and supporter communication almost everything we do is affected by the digital revolution which is all around us.

The internet has become the preferred way of consuming information and listening to audio and video programmes. Even many of the radio stations we deliver our programmes to have websites and mobile phone apps that let you listen to their stations output as an alternative to receiving traditional airborne radio signals captured by a transistor radio.

This new world is also a constantly changing one. New software and systems are produced every day and updated with extra features and capabilities all the time. We have to do our best to sift through all of these to identify those which can help us and avoid those that distract or fail to deliver.

Listeners to our programmes want the simplest and easiest ways of hearing us and unlike traditional broadcasting they would like to communicate back to us to comment on what they hear and express their opinions.

These are powerful tools which provide access to our life changing message from almost anywhere on the planet. The challenge is to enhance them in ways which achieve our goal of introducing sports fans to Jesus.

Peter Ellis, Operations Manager