Looking back with thankfulness

On the afternoon of Saturday 1st October a small group of Passion for Sport trustees, staff and supporters met in Worthing, West Sussex to look back on the past year and thank God for his faithfulness and provision. 

The occasion was our Annual General Meeting - a legal necessity for UK registered companies and charities. It includes items such as the appointment of the Chair of Trustees, the Chairman’s Report for the Year and the presentation of the audited accounts. OK, not riveting stuff perhaps, but nevertheless a legal requirement and, importantly, an opportunity to look back on the past year with thankfulness to God. 

Among the key points that afternoon we said farewell to Phil Dominy who retired after serving on the Board for eight years, five of which as Chair. Mike Flynn (right) was reappointed as the current Chair and when the accounts were presented we gave thanks that the books had balanced for another year. 

Coming up to the present time Norman Brierley (left) shared his reflections on our Destination Rio project at the recent Olympic Games. With committed, praying supporters present, Norman shared how specific prayer points had been answered for the team’s accommodation, travel, safety and, in particular, for the interviews they had been able to record with Olympic athletes. 

Our time ended in prayer as we gathered in small groups to thank God for his care, direction and provision and commit ourselves to Him afresh for the task ahead.   

Afterwards several of our supporters mentioned that they pray daily for Passion for Sport. We are both humbled and delighted to know we have such committed friends praying for the team and the ministry every day. They are a vital, integral part of the Passion for Sport team. Will you consider joining them? 

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