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19th May 2016 - Social Media - Extending our Reach 

Social media allows us to engage with people who we might not otherwise have the ability or opportunity to. It lends itself to sharing and interaction, which is ultimately a huge part of what Passion for Sport is about. Our purpose is using media to share the good news of Jesus with sports fans around the world, so social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide us with new and more opportunities to do this.

We currently have over 2,000 fans of Planet Sport Football Africa on Facebook, and this number grows every day. Every week, we’re able to reach football fans across Africa with our radio programme and facilitate discussions via our topical posts.

When ‘Instagramming’ from sporting events, other users are able to find our posts via event hashtags – we’re especially looking forward to exercising this in Rio de Janeiro in August, as we aim to reach those following the summer sporting action out there!

On Twitter, we’ve had the opportunity to engage with, and encourage, sports fans as well as top Christian athletes such as Trayvon Bromell, Michelle Carter, Christian Taylor and Wayde van Niekirk. It’s also provided an opportunity for us to cheer on and even collaborate with other sports ministries in the UK and beyond.

Here are some examples of interactions we’ve had on Twitter recently…

twitter comment 1         

12th May 2016 - Planet Sport: On Air in Australia 

sydneyAustralia is one nation that loves its sport and Planet Sport, our weekly 15-minute programme, is currently heard on ten radio stations there across the country.

99.9 Live FM broadcasts to Townsville in North Queensland.  They told us why they broadcast Planet Sport:

“The opportunity to hear about the faith of some of the world’s biggest sports stars.  My only criticism is that it’s not long enough.”

91.9 Fresh FM is also in Queensland, based in the town of Gladstone.  This is what they say about Planet Sport:

“We air your programmes because we are confident that the sporting news and interviews are not sensationalised and because they come from a Christian perspective.  That’s what our audience want.”  Read more...

5th May 2016 - Olympics Update 

olympic parkGreat news – we have found suitable accommodation for our media team during the 2016 Rio Olympics which run from 5th – 21st August. We have been in contact with a pastor of a church near the site of the Olympic Park and he has arranged for us to stay in a property adjoining his church.

The price of accommodation in Rio de Janeiro is very high during the Olympics so we are grateful for this provision at a very reasonable cost. The church has an ongoing ministry to those affected by crime and family breakdown in the city and it is good to be partnering with them in reaching sports fans with the gospel during the games.

The accommodation is empty at the moment and needs to be equipped with furniture and a good Internet connection. We are hoping that a member of the church will be willing to act as an interpreter for us during our stay which will also give us valuable local knowledge of the city. Read more...

28th April 2016 – Passion for Sport – Supporters’ Club

Week-by-week Passion for Sport produces radio programmes, Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa, which are a regular presence in the lives of many sports fans in different parts of the world.

They not only listen to the programmes broadcast by our partner radio stations but also follow them on Facebook and post their comments on Twitter and WhatsApp.

Here are a couple of examples from listeners in The Gambia:

“I will listen to Steve [producer Planet Sport Football Africa] today. Please tell him Moses in the Gambia is a huge fan of Planet Sport Football Africa. He always follows the show in radio, Facebook and WhatsApp.” (Moses, The Gambia)

“I was almost in tears as I missed the broadcast yesterday… very unfortunate! Can you please summarise the programme for me” (Cherno, The Gambia)

Through our regular presence on-air and online, relationships are developed providing an open door for the Gospel. But regular, constant ministry like this needs regular and constant support.

This is where the Passion for Sport Supporters’ Club comes in. Members of the Supporters Club give £4 per month enabling the listeners of one of our partner radio stations to hear 15 minutes of our programmes each month.

Yes, that’s right. For the price of a latte and Danish pastry members of the Passion for Sport Supporters Club are helping introduce sports fans, listening on one radio station, to Jesus. Fantastic value!

To find out more about the Supporters Club and to join up today, take a look at our dedicated Supporters’ Club page.

21st April 2106 - Social Media From Africa

As the football season moves towards its climax, the race for the Premier League title has been the talk of the town across the UK and far beyond. Can Leicester City really win the league? Will they slip up? Are Tottenham going to finish above north London rivals Arsenal? What about a late surge from Manchester City?

Like many other football fans across the world, listeners to Planet Sport Football Africa have been having their say via our social media pages.

Sulayman got in touch from The Gambia.  “The Premier League is unpredictable,” he says.  “All these four can win the league.  I will wait til the end, that’s why it’s a fascinating league.”

Some fans are more certain.  David said “I think Leicester will win!” while Cherno is “confident the Gunners (Arsenal) will win it this time around” and Amadou says “I’m going for Manchester City.”

modou barrowAnother item to gain a lot of interest on social media recently was our interview with Swansea City and Gambia striker, Modou Barrow (right).  He is the first Gambian to play in the English Premier League and football fans in the Gambia posted their support to the striker and engaged in discussion over the topics covered in the interview.

Lamin said “We love you to the fullest bro!” and another correspondent said “Go, go, Mo! We are proud of you and we are following you week-in, week-out because Swansea is starting to have fans here in Gambia.”     Read more...

14th April 2016 - Promoting a Christ-centred lifestyle 

ajuma ottacheLike many organisations Passion for Sport has a mission statement setting out our aim and purpose. This is ours: Passion for Sport uses media to introduce a dynamic, relevant, Christ-centred lifestyle to sports fans around the world.

We are convinced that God wants all people to know him, personally and intimately.  The Bible makes it clear that Jesus is the only way to the Father and so, through media, we do everything that we can to introduce sports fans to him.  Through our two weekly radio programmes, Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa, top sportsmen and women who are committed followers of Jesus share their stories with our listeners, talking about their sport and the reality of their faith in Jesus.

In a recent Planet Sport Football Africa programme we spoke to former Nigerian women’s footballer Ajuma Ottache (above).  She talked about her international career and explained clearly how she came to faith and the difference that knowing Jesus makes to her life:

“Peace.  He gave me peace.  He wiped away my tears of all the times that I had to cry because of the situation around me, that my parents were separated.  He favoured me even far beyond my expectation.”

You can hear the whole programme here.

The word ‘lifestyle’ is a key part of our mission statement.  A good lifestyle cannot save us, our salvation comes from Christ alone, by faith alone, through grace alone.  And, there is nothing we can do to make God love us more, no anything we can do to make him love us less.  However, following the ways and teachings of Jesus is an integral part of our discipleship.  Our faith is not just ‘talking the talk’ it’s ‘walking the walk’.

One dictionary defines lifestyle as: “The habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards and economic level that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group.”  The Bible is the living, dynamic Word of God that clearly shows us the lifestyle of Jesus – his habits, attitudes, tastes and moral standards.

As we strive to introduce Jesus to sports fans our ultimate aim is that they will become his committed followers and, by the power of the Holy Spirit within them, in the words of St Richard of Chichester, know him more clearly, love him more dearly and follow him more nearly, day by day.

If you want others to have this too, please signup to receive our newsletter, pray for us and consider supporting our work with a financial gift.

7th April 2016 - Athletes with a special focus

norman brierleyPassion for Sport reporter, Norman Brierley (left)

Perhaps our view of athletes is rather superficial. We see them on television for a brief moment running around a track – the first three in the race receiving their accolades, and that's it until the next event. However, athletes live lives much the same as we do – going through the ups and downs of life.

A number of professional athletes are committed followers of Jesus Christ and publicly proclaim their relationship with God. They live busy lives, training, travelling, competing, getting injured, rehabilitating and on they go.  It's their job, their life. 

I was keen to find out how they maintain their relationship with God as followers of Jesus Christ so I approached four Christian athletes and put them on the spot.    Read more...

1st April 2016 - Running for Passion for Sport

The Vitality British 10K London Run takes place in London in July and Passion for Sport has reserved places for six runners. These six brave souls will run to raise funds for Passion for Sport.

Already four of the six places have been taken but there’s still time to sign up for the remaining two!

Peter EllisPassion for Sport IT Manager, Pete Ellis (left), is one of those running. He says, “Although this is no marathon, as a non-runner it will still present me with quite a challenge. I’m up to 6km with my training and with three months to go I’m hoping that I will be able to run the distance without stopping.”

Tom EllisAlong with Passion for Sport trustee Phil Dominy, Social Media Manager Tom Ellis (right) is also running and you can read his story below (10th March).

So if you fancy a challenge and want to join together with others to help raise money Passion for Sport, check out the details and complete the registration form.

If, like me, your knees just can’t take it, there is the opportunity to support those running by making a donation. Visit Virgin Money Giving to see who’s running, click on their photo to go through to their individual collecting page.

24th March 2016 - Olympics Update 

Passion for Sport teamWith just over four months to go until the Passion for Sport team travels out to Rio de Janeiro to cover the 2016 Olympic Games we are busy sorting out everything we need for our visit. The main need is for accommodation for the team of five ideally in a central location in order to be where the action is during the games. 

We have a local contact based in Rio who is looking into accommodation options for us and he is making good progress with that. Once the location has been sorted the next most important thing is a good internet connection which is essential to deliver our audio content to partner radio stations and to our websites.    Read more…

17th March 2016 - Planet Sport On The Run

PS LogoWith many of us leading increasingly busy lives it can be tough to find time for our passions.  And so last year we introduced the Planet Sport app to make it easier for you to keep up with news from sports events, nurture your relationship with Jesus and introduce others to him too.

The free Planet Sport app for Android and iPhones enables you to listen to this week’s Planet Sport programme and recent editions on demand directly from your phone.   Read more...

10th March 2016 - Running the Race

 tom interviewing
 Tom Ellis (left) interviewing in Rio for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

 I remember clearly my first ever cross country race.  I didn’t finish it. To this day, I’m unsure if it was my asthma or my mind that had got the better of me, but either way, I remember it being incredibly hard work.

Following that first race at high school, I went on to compete at a lot more cross country events up and down the country and I made sure I finished every one. They were always tough going and there’d be moments, half-way around every gruelling course, where I’d tell myself, “never again”. The thing is, by the time you’ve finished and experienced the wonderful satisfaction that comes with crossing the line, you soon forget the pain and begin to look forward to the next one.

So here I am, over a decade on, agreeing to run 10k for Passion for Sport at this year’s Vitality British 10K London Run (at least it’s not a marathon, I guess!).   Read more...

3rd March 2016 - Olympics Quiz

ennis 2012Remember London 2012? Were you cheering your sportsperson, team and country along?

This summer the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Passion for Sport wants to help you re-create some of that Olympic feeling.

As part of our 2016 Destination Rio project, we have put together a fantastic Destination Rio Quiz. The questions are all multiple choice so everyone has a chance of getting the answers right, even if they don’t know much about sport!  This is a great opportunity to get together with family and friends to have some fun, food and a bit of fundraising too!

You can:

  • Go Big and organise a church event for all your fellowship, putting people into teams
  • Make it part of your men’s group, home group or youth group activities
  • Keep it small, at home with family, friends, neighbours or work colleagues

Whatever you decide on, there are many ways to raise money, from selling tickets to your church event or collecting donations.

St Mary’s Parish Church in Broadwater, Worthing sold £10 tickets for an event that included:

  • an international ploughman’s supper
  • the Destination Rio Quiz
  • a Sporting Bake-off competition –cakes were baked and decorated with a sporting theme
  • a cake auction – all the cakes in the competition were auctioned

Everyone who came along had a great time and together they raised £400 for the 2016 Destination Rio project. Take a look at the photos...

The questions (and answers along with answer sheets) can be found here along with a short video to download and show at your event. We can also provide leaflets introducing the work of Passion for Sport, which you can pass on at your event. Please contact us at with your mailing details and quantities required.

The 2016 Destination Rio project has a target of £20,000 to enable us to serve thousands of sports fans around the world through media from this iconic sporting event.

A team of five media professional will be in Rio throughout the Games to record news and reports for radio and video blogs. The radio material will be used for Passion for Sport’s two weekly programmes Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa, which are designed to introduce sports fans to Jesus.

If you are unable to hold an event but would like to support the project you can make a donation online.  

25th February 2016

IAAF World Indoor Athletics Tour – Glasgow 

norman brierleyThe British Indoor Athletics Grand Prix has been ranked as the number one indoor event in the world.  This was an event Passion for Sport could not miss out on so we sent reporter, Norman Brierley (left). Over 40 Olympic and World medallists came together to compete on the hydraulically lifted 200 metres indoor running track at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow, an arena first used during the 2014 Commonwealth Games.    Read more...

18th February 2016 - Using our talents

stephanie cookI’ve just been editing an interview with an Olympic champion.  Stephanie Cook (left) won gold for Great Britain at the 2000 Games in Sydney.  Her event was the modern pentathlon, a gruelling competition featuring five disciplines in one day: shooting, fencing, swimming, show jumping ending with a three kilometre run.

During the interview Stephanie said this: “For me what it comes down to is the fact that I’ve been given certain talents and if what I’m doing is going out and using those talents to the full then that to me is basically for God’s glory.”    Read more...

11th February 2016 - We've Gone Global

In the past our listeners could hear our Planet Sport radio programmes by tuning in to one of our radio station partners around the world but only if they were in the reception area of one of these stations. Thanks to the Internet Passion for Sport now has near worldwide coverage and a variety of different ways for sports fans to hear our programmes.

mobile appThese include podcast distribution websites like Spreaker, Soundcloud and iTunes as well as our own Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa websites. We also have a Planet Sport mobile phone App (left) for iPhone and Android phones so that sports fans can hear us on the move on their smart phones.

The Internet has also helped Passion for Sport deliver our programmes to our radio station partners by email attachment, Dropbox or our own dedicated delivery website

By using social media such as FB iconTwitter icon and WhatsApp, we are able to get instant feedback from listeners and engage in conversations with them about issues raised in the programmes and answer their questions on air.

Give.netPlease pray for Passion for Sport as we seek to make good use of these technologies to reach sports fans and introduce them to Jesus Christ. If you are able, please support us by making a donation today.

5th February 2016

Helping African Stations in their Ministries

map - smallA radio station broadcasting 24/7 is hungry for programmes and sport has a huge attraction particularly in Africa, and so our programmes attract audiences giving us a great advantage over other types of programmes. However, this is not the only value that Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa programmes add to a radio station.    Read more...

28th January 2016 -  Olympics project

Passion for Sport has launched its Olympics project: 2016 Destination Rio!

Brazil flagThis year the Games take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 5-21 August. Passion for Sport will be there for the duration as we aim to introduce sports fans to Jesus through media.

Already our preparations are underway and the Olympics project is a great way for you to get involved.  As the countdown to the Games goes on, we will be posting updates of our progress and prayer requests. There is also the opportunity to donate towards the £20,000 needed for the project, including the team costs for travel and accommodation in Rio.

The team of five media professionals will be recording news, reports and interviews in English for our two weekly radio programmes, Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa, as well as serving our online and social media platforms.  Popular and experienced Spanish reporter Pedro Arias will also produce content for 300 radio stations.

Take a look at our short video to find out more.

The Olympics Games is the world’s second biggest media event (after the FIFA World Cup) so this is a great opportunity to reach sports fans and introduce them to Jesus. Passion for Sport has over 20 years’ experience of reporting from the Games as we have covered every Summer Olympics since Barcelona in 1992.

Passion for Sport is the world’s only Christian sports media agency producing content from sports events with clear Christian objectives. So, please stand with us and help introduce sports fans to Jesus. Make a donation today.

21st January 2016

Social Media Update – Who do you follow? 

social mediaAt Passion for Sport, we use various forms of social media to reach and engage sports fans across the world. Every week we share our two radio programmes Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa on Facebook and Twitter, and encourage listeners to discuss the latest news and issues from the world of sport.

Earlier in January, fans of Planet Sport Football Africa contributed to a post on our Facebook page, discussing whether Borussia Dortmund and Gabon striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was a worthy winner of the Confederation of African Football’s (CAF) Player of the Year Award.

Here are some of the comments...

14th January 2016 – Support 2016 Destination Rio!

Adrian and cakeThis summer Passion for Sport will be reporting from the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.  Through interviews, reports and features we will be bringing the sounds, the sports and the stories from Rio to radio listeners around the world in English and Spanish.  Our aim, as ever, is to introduce sports fans to Jesus through media. 

BroadwaterOn 6th February in Broadwater, Worthing we are organising a fund-raising event to support the project.  2016 Destination Rio!, an evening event, includes:

  • an international ploughman’s supper
  • a quiz based on Rio and the Olympics in teams of six
  • a baking competition. Bring along your cake - baked and decorated with a sporting theme – to enter the competition. Prizes awarded for the best entries
  • a Cake Auction – all cakes entered into the competition will be auctioned

Tickets are £10 from Broadwater Parish Church office, 117 Broadwater Road, Worthing, BN14 8HT or from

If you are unable to attend but would like to support the project you can make a donation here.

For more information contact  Adrian Barnard or call Passion for Sport on 01392-580624.

7th January 2016 - Destination Rio

christ the redeemerog2016 park gate

This summer Passion for Sport will be at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.  We will provide news, reports and interviews for listeners to our two weekly radio programmes, Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa and produce videos and blogs for fans using our online and social media services.  We will also serve 300 Spanish radio stations in Europe and South America.

Find out more here including how you can be part of this exciting project to introduce sports fans to Jesus through media from the 2016 Olympics in Rio. 

The Olympic Games is the world’s second biggest media event after the World Cup.  Every four years billions of people tune in on TV, radio and online to catch the news, stories and action from the Games.  This presents us with a perfect opportunity to reach big audiences in line with our aim of introducing sports fans to Jesus through media.

Passion for Sport’s team of media professional brings over 20 years’ experience having reported from every Summer Olympics since 1992. Our teams include staff members, secondments from partner agencies and volunteers from the broadcast media industry all working together to provide a service reflecting a Christian perspective from the Games.

1st January 2016 - Happy New Year!

A very happy New Year to you from the team at Passion for Sport!

rio 2016 logo
Rio Olympics 2016 logo

What are you looking forward to in 2016?  In this week’s Planet Sport programme our Chief Football Correspondent Stuart Weir and former Football League referee Bob Hamer tell us about the sporting events they’re looking forward to in the coming year including the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and an exciting conclusion to the race for the English Premier League title.  Bob also shares his hope that more sports fans and followers will have the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for the listeners on over 50 radio stations in 16 countries and online as they tune in and pray that the Holy Spirit will be at work in their lives.  You can listen to the show here.

24th December 2015 - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Passion for Sport!  We hope you will experience again the wonder and joy of this special time of the year as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the child in the manger who is also the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Here at Passion for Sport the work continues over the festive period as we serve sports fans across the world through our two weekly radio programmes, Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa.  Both shows are designed to be broadcast between Thursday and Saturday, enabling us to review the past week’s sporting action and look forward to the coming weekend.

Many listeners will hear the shows on Christmas Day.  So as you tuck into your festive turkey and brussel sprouts remember the sports fans listening on over 50 radio stations worldwide as they hear top sportsmen and women talking about their faith in Jesus.  For some it could be a very special Christmas.

The Planet Sport show over Christmas features Part Two of our Review of the Year including interviews with three world champion athletes talking about their sport and faith.  You can listen to the show here

17th December 2015 – Sport - Changing Lives

kick out ebola roadside billboard posterPassion for Sport uses media to introduce sports fans to Jesus. Not only do we report from major sports events – for example, we will be in Rio next year for the Olympic Games – but we also produce two weekly radio programmes: Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa. 

Planet Sport Football Africa is a 30-minute programme for football fans in and from Africa. The programme features news about African football and African players around the world and is broadcast on 40 stations in 10 African countries. One of those countries is Sierra Leone.  Read more...

10th December 2015

Olympics Countdown – 8 Months to Go

The Olympic Games is the second biggest international media event after the Fifa World Cup.  Next summer the Games of the XXXI Olympiad take place in Rio de Janeiro from 5th-21st August 2016.  Over 10,500 athletes from 206 nations will compete in over 300 events across 28 sports.  With our team of five media professionals Passion for Sport will be bringing the action to our radio and online audiences around the world.  Our aim, as always, is to introduce sports fans to Jesus.  We will be reporting in English and Spanish for our two radio programmes Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa and serving over 300 Spanish language stations around the world.

Passion for Sport has over 20 years’ experience of reporting from major sports events with a Christian perspective having reported from every Summer Olympics since the 1992 Games in Barcelona.

norman brierleyTom and AndyAt the end of November the team met in Exeter to plan through various stages of the assignment.  Producer Norman Brierley (left) heads up the team in Rio with IT Manager Pete Ellis and media producers Tom Ellis (right) and Andy Bloss who will produce audio and video content for broadcast, online and social media.  Spanish producer Pedro Arias continues the role he has had with us since the 1992 in Barcelona.

CC FM in Cape Town, South Africa is one of the stations we served at the 2012 Games in London.  Afterwards they wrote: “We have so enjoyed getting the reports from the Olympics.  We’ve really benefitted from the interviews with South Africans, Christians and gold medallists.”  Three years on Norman and the team are building on past years’ experience so that more sports fans than ever before will have the opportunity to experience our unique sports service with a Christian perspective as we seek to introduce them to Jesus. 

10th November 2015 - “A Pastoral Spiritual Safety Net”

Andy RimmerThat’s how Andy Rimmer, Club Chaplain at AFC Bournemouth describes himself.

In recent years an increasing number of clubs across a variety of sports have recognised the value of appointing a chaplain to provide a listening ear and, when requested, spiritual advice and counsel.

Passion for Sport reporter Stuart Weir went to AFC Bournemouth to find out more about being a club chaplain and to hear what the staff and players think of the role. Read more..

10th September 2015 – Resources for the Rugby World Cup

Nick Farr-Jones

Euan MurrayMichael Jones helped New Zealand win the first Rugby World Cup in 1987. Nick Farr-Jones (right) captained Australia to victory at the 1991 Rugby World Cup.Euan Murray (left) retired from the Scotland team earlier this year after winning 66 caps during a ten-year international career.Tu Nu’uali’itia and Timo Tagaloa played for Samoa in the 1991 World Cup.  These and other players tell their own stories and share the key role that faith plays in their lives in a series of interviews available to download or listen online, free of charge, on our Planet Sport website.

Click this link:

Dan Leochris jonesDan Leo (left) played for Samoa in the 2007 and 2011 World Cups and has played club rugby in Australia (Queensland Reds), France (Bordeaux and Perpignan) and England (London Wasps, London Irish).

Chris Jones (right) is the only man in the history of Welsh rugby to be banned for life twice.  A violent player on the pitch he was once sent-off in a match being featured on national television.  His life completely turned around when he gave his life to Christ sitting in a police cell.

31st July 2015 - Usain Bolt

Usain BoltLast weekend Usain Bolt was back at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for the Sainsbury’s Diamond League Anniversary Games running in the 100m sprint. The stadium is a special place for Bolt having achieved 3 Golds here in the London 2012 Olympic Games in 100m, 200m and the 4x100m relay. He has also suggested it will be where he bows out, entering retirement after the World Games here in 2017.

During the press conference ahead of the race, he was asked if the stadium was his ‘theatre of dreams’.  Read more...

16th July 2015 - Sport programmes on the run

PS LogoWith so many of us leading increasingly busy lives, finding time for our passions is tough. Passion for Sport has just made it easier for you to keep up with news from sports events, nurture your relationship with Jesus and introduce others to him too.

The free Planet Sport app for Android and iPhones allows anyone to listen to current and previous Planet Sport programmes on demand directly from their phone.

Planet Sport is produced weekly by Passion for Sport, a Christian sports media organisation and registered charity which uses media to introduce sports fans to Jesus.

Adrian Barnard, Passion for Sport, CEO, explains: “The new Planet Sport phone app is a great way to hear the weekly programme on the move – on the train, out jogging or down the gym. Be encouraged as you hear sportsmen and women talking about their faith.”

The Planet Sport app was launched at this year’s The Gathering, a Christian Vision for Men annual event from 26-28 June near Swindon. As well as sports news, discussion on sports-related issues and testimonies from Christian athletes, players and officials, the programmes are also an opportunity to pray for the listening audience worldwide. Planet Sport programmes are available online at, and are broadcast on 50 radio stations in 16 countries.

Planet Sport is a great way to introduce sports fans to Jesus and the app is a great resource to share with friends on the fringes of the church who are interested in sport. Recent programmes have featured Olympic 100m champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Watford FC striker Odion Ighalo and 2013 Classic Formula Ford motor racing champion, Adriano Medeiros.

The Planet Sport app can be downloaded from the iPhone or Android app stores – just search for Planet Sport. 

29th June 2015 - Mind the gap

Christian TaylorThe place was Gothenburg, Sweden; the year was 1995, a good year for the triple jump as it turned out. It was there at the World Championships that new world records were set in both the men’s and women’s event. Jonathan Edwards remains the men’s world record holder from that year with a jump of 18m 29cm (60ft) but reigning Olympics men’s triple jump champion, Christian Taylor (left) may be closing the gap.

Passion for Sport’s, Norman Brierley spoke to him at the recent Diamond League meet in Birmingham.    Read more...

22nd June 2015 - A world of difference…

Allyson Felix closeWhen it comes to 3/10th of a second, is anybody really counting? Well in the sprint events in athletics, the little numbers really matter.

In 1988 Florence Griffith Joyner (Flo-Jo) set a world record at 200m of 21.34 seconds and it remains unchallenged… so far. USA sprinter Allyson Felix (left) has a personal best at 200m of 21.69. At the Diamond League Athletics Meeting in Birmingham earlier this month, Passion for Sport reporter, Norman Brierley asked her if the record could be broken. Read more...

I’ll never share the glory

Odion Ighalo“Without God I wouldn’t be where I am today. In everything I do I give glory back to God. I’ll never share the glory…. If it wasn’t for God I wouldn’t have achieved what I achieved today.” Odion Ighalo (left) and Heurelho Gomes give thanks for Watford FC’s promotion to the Premier League. Read more…

Football against Xenophobia

PSFA LogoStrong feelings about immigrants have hit the headlines again. Press throughout southern Africa and further afield have been reporting on recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Passion for Sport’s Steve Vickers has been looking at how football has been used to fight against it, as he reports in this Planet Sport Football Africa programme.


The Comeback King

 Ian Botham, Man Utd or Jesus Christ? Who made the greatest comeback?

CricketIn the Headingley Test Match of 1981, stripped of the captaincy, Botham bats with amazing belief and confidence to score 149 Not Out and scupper the Aussies after England looked dead and buried. In 1999, Man Utd, 1-0 down after 90 minutes, come back to score two goals against Bayern Munich in injury time and win the Champions League Final? Jesus of Nazareth, 33 AD, crucified on the Friday and buried in a tomb; but then seen up and about on Sunday, walking, talking and eating. Which is the greatest comeback?       Read more...

Cast your vote

Poll imageTake a look at our Planet Sport website set up for sports fans and while you're there vote on who you think will win the English Premier League title this year.

Read more... 


 Full Steam Ahead

Adrian and cakeThe launch of Passion for Sport took place on Thursday 5th March, in Central London, where 40 people gathered to welcome the new name and hear about the future ministry focus.

The new name, Passion for Sport, better reflects the heart of the ministry, which is passionate about sport but even more passionate about introducing sports fans to Jesus, as Adrian Barnard, CEO explained:

“The word passion is key. It really catches well how we’re trying to engage with sports fans who are passionate about their sport, their teams and their sporting heroes – and linking in with our passion to tell those people about the Lord Jesus Christ.”


Sport and Faith – Passions in Partnershippfs final logo rgb

People have a multitude of passions in life – food, family, music, cars, TV soaps… One of the great passions for many people in the world today is sport. At Passion for Sport this common, global passion is an open door to introduce a second, greater passion – knowing Jesus.

“We share a passion for sport but more than that we are also passionate about Jesus.  We are passionate about introducing sports fans to him and seeing their lives transformed by the power of the gospel,” says Adrian Barnard, Passion for Sport, CEO.

Passion for Sport is the new name, announced on 5th March 2015, for 2K Plus International Sports Media.  For 20 years this ministry has been producing sports programmes with a Christian perspective for radio and online broadcast. The programmes provide an opportunity for sports people to share their faith, and present a Christian perspective on issues that arise in sport such as cheating, racism and greed.

Historically, Passion for Sport’s ministry has been mainly through radio for sports fans overseas with programmes designed primarily for young and middle-aged men.  With this group under-represented in the UK church, there is now a new ministry focus on the UK.
Mark Rylands is the Bishop of Shrewsbury and a Passion for Sport trustee: “God wants everyone to know about his saving love for them seen supremely in his Son, Jesus Christ. In the past century, the Church in the UK has not been very effective in sharing this good news with some parts of our society: those aged between 15 and 50, particularly men. Many people are passionate about sport. We want them to discover the God who is passionate about them.”

Adrian continues:  “From today we will build on this foundation as we develop online resources to help the UK church reach out particularly to men who love sport to help them discover a passion for Jesus.”

The resources include dedicated sport-specific webpages, podcasts, sports quizzes, 10-pin bowling competitions and other events for churches to organise, along with testimonies from sports people. And with the Rugby World Cup 2015™ in the UK this year, Passion for Sport is partnering with Engage 2015 to encourage churches to seize the opportunity for outreach.

Passion for Sport produces two weekly programmes as well as reports from major sporting events including the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup. Through our programmes, sports fans hear about faith in Jesus directly from their sporting heroes.

Former Scotland international Brian Irvine scored the winning penalty to win the 1990 Scottish Cup for Aberdeen: 
“I’m passionate about football,” he says. “But it doesn’t compare to the passion I have for Jesus which drives me every single day of my life, helps me through the ups and downs, the good times and the bad times. That’s real passion.”

Quiz, cake and a Football League referee!

An Event for Men:

When?        7.30pm, Saturday 7th March 2015

Where?       Lancing Tabernacle, 105 North Road, Lancing, BN15 9BB

Show Off Your Baking Talent!  Come on chaps show us what you can bake!  Bake a cake or cakes with a sporting theme.  It could be a football pitch, tennis racket, cricket bat or, if you’re particularly ambitious, the England football manager, Roy Hodgson. Bring it along on the night to be auctioned.  It can be funny or serious, the only conditions are that it’s edible and has a sporty theme. Prizes for the top three.

Demonstrate Your Sporting Knowledge! Take part in our legendary sports quiz. Come as a team, ideally 4-6 people, or come and join a team when you arrive. Sharpen up your competitive spirit for this no-holds-barred event.  Don’t give an inch because there’s only one team prize, the winner takes it all!

Take Part in an Auction!  Sporty cakes (see above) and sporting paraphernalia up for auction.  All auction proceeds going to our charity to introduce sports fans to Jesus through media.

Hear from former Football League referee - Bob Hamer!  He’ll talk about his career and how his life changed dramatically when he met Jesus Christ.  There’s no need to throw glasses at this ref, he’ll bring his own!

Bob HamerBob Hamer started refereeing in 1965 in the Manchester area.  He was a Football League referee for 16 years from 1977 until 1993, refereeing games in all divisions from the Premier League to Division 4.

In 1993 he made the headlines when he was knocked to the ground by angry fans at Exeter after awarding a last-minute penalty against the home side in a key relegation battle against Port Vale.

In 1985 he was selected by FIFA to run the line in a World Cup qualifier between New Zealand and Australia in Auckland and in 1992 he officiated between Denmark against Germany, a match involving the then European champions against the World champions. 

Since 1993 he has been a referee assessor with the Premier League, the Football League and the Football Association.

A radio station broadcasting 24/7 is hungry for programmes and sport has a huge attraction particularly in Africa, and so our programmes attract audiences giving us a great advantage over other types of programmes. However, this is not the only value that Planet Sport and Planet Sport Football Africa programmes add to a radio station.

Running the Race


I remember clearly my first ever cross country race.  I didn’t finish it. To this day, I’m unsure if it was my asthma or my mind that had got the better of me, but either way, I remember it being incredibly hard work.

Running the Race


I remember clearly my first ever cross country race.  I didn’t finish it. To this day, I’m unsure if it was my asthma or my mind that had got the better of me, but either way, I remember it being incredibly hard work.